Joined Harman as LEAP engineer

Hello everyone, this is Gaurav Sharma. Me, along with my friends Ankit (@ankit_3405589), Mahendra (@mahendra_3363947) & Saurav (@saurav_3333947) were selected for the LEAP Engineer position at Harman. There were 5 open positions for this role, 3 were selected using this application, 1 was selected as an internal employee switch, who was selected last year from eLitmus itself as an Associate Software Engg. Remaining one was from campus selection.

The interview experience consisted of around 7 rounds, including the pH test.

  1. pH test
  2. Online rounds (Behavioral & Coding round)
  3. Subjective Aptitude round - Held at Bangalore office
  4. Group Activity - Bangalore office (same day)
  5. Personal Interviews (Technical & HR) - Bangalore office (same day)
  6. Telephonic Interview - Head of Departments
  7. Telephonic Interview - HR & Head, Talent Acquisition

The questions asked in the online round were pretty much into Easy-Medium category. They involve basic concepts, like Hashing, Subarrays etc. Mostly all languages were allowed. You can find these type of questions on websites like Hackerrank, Hackerearth, Codechef etc.

After clearing the online rounds, I was called for the interviews at Bangalore office. There were around 50 applicants present there. The Subjective round was a relatively tough aptitude test set by eLitmus, which consisted of 12 questions to be solved in 90 minutes. The steps involved for the solution were also to be noted in a separate sheet & were judged. Out of all, around 20 people were shortlisted for the next round.

The Group activity was an interesting round which involve team work in order to demonstrate leadership qualities using various activities. Out of 20, around 11-12 people qualified for the next rounds. Technical round consisted of questions based on C++ (OOPs, Virtual functions, Basic algorithms, memory Management) & OS. The HR rounds were basically related to your personality, self-motivation & people skills. The results came out on different days for each candidate.

After the interviews, most people were told that they will get a call from HR later. My shortlisting was done within a span of 2-3 weeks after the Bangalore interviews. But for Ankit & Saurav, it was different.

In the picture - From left to right - Ankit, Me, Mahendra, Saurav & Sainath at Harman Bangalore office.

I was shortlisted for the Acoustics Engineering department in the LEAP engineer position. They asked me questions related to my interests, particularly in the field of music. Also about my past experiences including my projects, internships, achievements etc. Finally I joined as a member of acoustics team at Harman Pune.

Hereby I would conclude by saying that an eLitmus pH score never goes waste. There are plenty of jobs which offer interesting work content unlike in other portals or at campus (I’m from NIT Raipur, B.Tech. IT 2014-18). All we have to do is to look out for opportunities around us & grab them. I’d like to thank eLitmus for providing a great platform & excellent opportunities to students like us. A big thanks to Aditya sir & Anuj sir from eLitmus for their constant help throughout the process. #ThankYouElitmus #PlacedThroughElitmus


Amazing. Thank you very much for sharing your story with the community. It is really motivating. To be honest, everyone can create miracle with hardwork, dedication and determination.

Congratulations guys.
@bewithgaurav, what was ur pH score and ur friends ,for getting a call for the Harman job.

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Do they have anything related to data science/ machine learning? I have from non-coding background but have experience related to machine learning but that said I have weak concepts related to oop and data structures. Is there any hope for me?