Job inactive section

the job I am applying for is automatically going to the inactive section and this happened in the last three company named Motorola, Apostek, and eGovernment. Is this happening only to me or for all the other applying candidate too?

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your score and branch and passing years please

bro the same with me.

passout -2018


Same thing happened to me.
After applying for the job it only shows event date and location as city name bt not exact address of the event.On the event date applied job automatically goes to inactive section.
If any one knew please help

I think your pH score might be low or there might be some other reason. So, if they don’t shortlist you for the event, application goes to inactive section. When there is any other event for the company in future, your application will come back to Active section. It goes to interview section, if you are shortlisted for the event.

I have 98/97/96 score and great academics and I have still not been shortlisted in Piping Rocks or Humming wave yet.

Your engg branch
And your year of passing

Electrical engg. 2018 passout.

That’s why you are not getting a call when any company which has mentioned in Branch as EE in those companies you will be shortlisted.
Else when the companies have only BE/B.TECH
as eligibility then u will get shortlisted.
In companies having CS/IT Eligibility u wouldn’t get a call…

Piping Rocks and Hummingwave mentioned only BE/B.Tech. That is why I was expecting a call.

Try mailing eLitmus. It’s a pretty good score. You should have been shortlisted already. Have you uploaded resume and updated your profile with skills,etc??

I mailed them.but they replied that shortlisting isn’t in there hands. And also, my profile is 65% full… I have external CAT score but I didn’t want to add it. Earlier I was shortlisted for Principal but Piping Rocks and Hummingwave did not shortlist me and I have no idea what to do.

I applied for accenture few days back and got an interview call back but I wasn’t able to attend the drive. Today I got a mail from elitmus that accenture is hiring again and the “no show” candidtates are also eligible for the drive. How can I download my application as it is in “inactive” section?