Job for MCA freshers

Hello guys,
I’ve had this doubt for a long time now. Can anyone tell me whether MCA freshers get job calls from elitmus? The elitmus portal allows MCA students but so far, i’ve seen mostly B. Tech people getting calls/hired,
Does anyone know whats the scope of MCA people?

There are jobs which have MCA in their eligibility criteria.

Have you applied to these?-

If you have a good test score and academics you will get calls.

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I have applied. I think these are the first companies to list MCA in their eligibility criteria.
Just wanted to know if anyone has ever been placed from MCA field.

Even i have same doubt

If you have the skills and knowledge, they will definitely hire you. Why else would they put MCA in eligibility criteria if they didn’t wanted to hire MCA people?

And Darkhorse recently hired a MCA guy. This is the screenshot of a mail they sent me. See for yourself.

Hence, now get a big smile on your face and just prepare for interviews. Do your best!! All the best girl!!


I have 190+ score in elitmus , i just received 4 calls in total from July till now. I am applying to the companies on elimtus on daily basis although there is huge recruitment is going on for past 5 months I did not get a single call. elitmus is a good platform for B.Tech graduates compare to MCA. But don’t loose hope and go for it, you may also receive some calls if you get good score.

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Thank you so much! :blush:
All the very best to you too. :grin:

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Thank you. I hope you get more calls soon