Jan 7

did anyone receive call letter for accenture jan 7 drive??

Not yet, Only when last day to apply is over i.e., 1 jan onwards

I GOT call.

for jan7th

u got call for jan 7 drive in banglore??

dude u got the calll

i have total 112 marks & all section positive. will i get a call from Accenture???


i too have 112-52,30,30
i already got cal

your collage name is there in accenture list???@@@chandan


Dude, when did you appear for your ELitmus exam?

27 nov

this drive is only for those people who have collage name in Accenture list.my collage name is not there !.e. i am not shortlisted.

Brother, where did we mention our college name?

Friends , if anybody got shortlisted today or from tomorrow please do post here once, my college name is in the list.

I got interview call last night.dnt worry hope you will get it today or tomm.

Any WBUT student who got call?