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It is very humbling when a youngster walks up to us and says “Thanks for helping me get my first job”. While we are delighted at one end, we are worried at the other. Why? Because, most of the time a fledgling mind does not see the disaster ahead!

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what can be done by any fresher in this situation, i have recently joined an it company, is there any technology or Programming Language , I should learn to stay in IT industry or i should think leave this industry at all?
i am a graduate from Electrical and Electronics branch .


Hi @devesh_goyal_3332229
It doesn’t matter what you have done in past.
just focus on your goals and keep working and learning.
:blush: learners are always going to be in demand. whatsoever happens.
Keep learning and Implementing :grin:


Hi I am a fresher from electronics branch. I am getting calls from companies but because I am not from computer science background my basic programming skill are not as good as expected by them. I don’t know what to do. I don’t get to the next stage because of these coding test. Please help


Is this exam worth taking for mechanical engineers who are willing to join the IT sector or just a waste of money? Will i get any calls from the IT companies if I score well?? I am a mechanical engineer .


my best suggestion to u for being an mech engg u should not try for IT field search on internet u will defintly get a job from ur core branch… but one point i should add u will not get expected amnt of money in the begining