Is there any job for mechanical engineers?

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I am not eligible for almost all the jobs posted by elitmus.
Why do they allow mechanical engg students to sit for elitmus in the first place ?
I’m new to this and need suggestions.

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I am too from mechanical. Don’t expect any core mechanical jobs from elitmus or even AMCAT. They are just making money.

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but still what kind of jobs can i apply apart from core ?

Go for core if really mean mechanical engineering.apart from this IT industry welcomes everybody who has got good aptitude with basic programming skills

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I am from mechanical I have been following this from past month. I saw a core mechanical job in this site it by reddy’s laboratory with a package of 7.5lpa. Also elitmus hires non IT students for its management team. There are some companies for mechanical but you can see them rarely.

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I could not apply to Dr. reddy’s lab because it was meant only for students from NIT’s & BITS pilani.
There are many guys who do not belong to these colleges & are seeking jobs through elitmus (including me).
BTW what is a decent ph score so that a mech guy gets interview calls ?

I am not sure with the score but it was mentioned that exceptional students from non IIT’s and NIT’s are called for interview. I think you got to have a 95+ in both problem solving and apptitude and 70+ in English(Am not sure). As the there are very few mechanical core jobs and great competition.

The eligibility criteria for Dr Reddy’s was as follows -
2016 batch BE/ BTech (Mechanical / Electrical / Chemical)
Good Academics
Good pH score
You should be from one of the following colleges
NITs - (Allahabad / Bhopal / Calicut / Durgapur / Hamirpur / Jalandhar / Jaipur / Jamshedpur / Kurukshetra / Nagpur / Raipur / Rourkela / Surat / Suratkal / Tiruchirapalli / Warangal)
BITS Pilani - (Pilani Campus only)

My elitmus score is about 236.3 &
%tiles are V - 91.59, PS - 90.90, Q - 99.10.
Do i have any hope ?

You surely can hope

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my ph score is 337.6 but still haven’t received any calls. Is there no scope for non IT people.?

I am mechanical engineer and my elitmus score is
verbal - 82.79%
problem solving-50.47%

is there any chance of getting call from any company