Is joining a startup as a fresher good idea?

Is joining a startup as a fresher good for our future career? Will switching to any big MNC be easy after showing experience of a startup?

Working in a start-up can be great. You get to learn a lot.

There will be some pressure on you. I don’t think start-ups do any training for fresh hires. Since they are usually a small team (<100), there is less scope of training and you will be expected to deliver from day 1.

Switching to a service based company should be easy. Since in start-up you will be doing development only.

Startups are where you can get really down and dirty with the code as there are no huge production teams and not a lot of rules and restrictions to go on. You will probably have to deal with one person who reviews your code and trains you as you go. This allows you to learn and adapt to a fast pace, “get stuff done” mentality that is really valuable today.

You will ideally start to chip in code right after your basic training on the culture and practices of the company, if any. And this is another reason why startups need “self-motivated” individuals.

However, startup work culture is known to be pretty hectic and is certainly not for the faint hearted. If you’re looking for a “stable” job with not a lot of headache, a corporate might be more suited for you than a startup. Both have their own tradeoffs.

If your ultimate goal is to shift into a corporate, a startup certainly might prove hectic for you.

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