Is it reasonable to measure experienced and fresh candidates on the same scale?

I joined elitmus roughly 2 years ago. Back then I was a fresher and keen towards finding a decent, worthy job. I did get a really nice career starter job from college placements and happily went ahead with it. I really like the technology I was assigned to and covered some major ground in it. Did some certifications, attended expos, found awesome senior devs to follow from my tech. Fast forward to now, I need to find another job (possibly in same tech). Elitmus has some really nice job listings for experienced candidates. These listings mention Job experience in a broad spectrum like 1 to 7 years. I applied for MMT recently as it had my tech listed in the job profile. First round was the take from home test and it had 3 competitive programming questions. I don’t have any grudge on such questions as such but I do think after leaving college, we don’t necessarily spend our time and effort to keep these skills sharp. No, we don’t go soft on ourselves. It’s just that our attention shifts from writing programs to creating softwares, which requires much more than clever formulae based solutions. In the past two years that I have been with my company, I have learnt so much about out of the box solutions, architectures, thinking about usability, design, scalability, analysis, and many such things. I learnt what all design patterns are actually implemented in real life scenarios and what all patterns (or maybe their amalgamation) gives us cool things like reactive programming. I have learnt the importance of comments, documentation and offcource testing. Even our tools of trade change. From something basic and verbose like Java, we switch to Kotlin and Scala. Java is not a good choice for competitive programming but that’s what is used in our world (or some of its variant). I am not working at the moment. I spend my time improving my developer skills and trying new things. Do you know switching from procedural to functional language is a mind boggling experience? It feels truly amazing to be expressing the same thing in more than one way. A lot many people from my tech write some really awesome blogs. I wanted to try that too. However, after the MMT fiasco, I wonder if I should again start preparation for quant, logical, algorithms and so on. Elitmus team, if you are listening, do you think there is a need to validate knowledge of experienced and fresh candidates on two different scales? I would love to hear what others have to say.