Is it enough to get calls? And if yes then which companies will call me?

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Plz…plz… reply those who can guide…plz

If your score is above 70%, you will get call from accenture etc.

Thanks…but my score in quarts is less than 70… so??
Also please tell me will I get calls from some normal companies offering 4-5 lpa also plz… reply

It changed recently will it help

Someone reply plz…

Bhai try to apply in all the companies and watch that they shortlist you or not it is complicated to say about shortlisting when no is between 100 to 150.


I am also facing th same problem marks is 142 but in one month only one company shortlisted me .

can you share your detailed marks and company who shortlisted…on the basis of that i can have an idea about me???

Verbal :101,quants:30 ps:11.25
Shortlisted for mount blue banglore

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hey brother apply for resto labs …at 116 score …i got a call from them … but but will not be able to go since location is noida… but you will definitely get shortlisted there

I am in banglore .

I scored 95 percentile… Still only one company shortlisted me

That is the reason I am suggesting to apply all the companies and watch that they shortlist us or not .It is complicated to say which company will shortlist you or how many