Is eLitmus Helpful for Mechanical Engineer?

Guys any Experince holder of Elitmus exam could tell me that how much elitmus is helpfull for a mechanical Engineer?

None. Its not much helpful for core branches like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical.
You have a very slim chance here as most are startup companies and are looking for CS/IT/EC candidates.

There are some companies like Accenture, Attara, etc which do not have specific stream requirement and may hire you.

Ok this means if I apply in other company they will recruit me acco. To their norm, but still a small doubt will that experience will b helpfull for apply In other companies in future

It depends on which profile you chose and which companies you will switch to in the future.
If you get a service based job like IT Operations then the experience will be helpful when moving to another service company. But if you apply to a developer profile the experience will not be considered.

I guess you don’t want a development job as it requires expert knowledge in programming.