Is elitmus helpful for getting jobs in core electronics field?

I have 1.5 yes xprnc as a hardware engineer… can I get a job through elitmus for this prfl? Last year I had cleared pH test with very good marks. So is there any chances of getting a job??

Could you provide some more details?
You branch, your scores, you academics, etc.

If not public, you can PM me.

Electronics and Communication. I have secured 56.36 percentile in verbal, 98.68 percentile in problem solving and 92.81 percentile in quantitative. I have done with 71% marks

Great scores.

But the problem is, experienced jobs are plenty but they would want relevant experience. Most are development profiles and want coders. If are good at coding, you will easily get a good chance. I have not yet seen any core jobs for experienced here.

Hmm thankyou

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