Is current location also a criteria for getting interview calls?

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Do companies consider the current location of candidates while shortlisting them for interview and reject candidates whose current location is very far from the interview location?


Yeah Shantanu. Companies do take your current location in consideration. Some companies even mention this thing in the Job Description. Because most of the companies would require a candidate who is staying in the same city in which they have a Job Position available. Just so the candidate is not reluctant to join the company after he/she is selected.


so does this mean that just because I live in Bhopal, 1500 km away from Bangalore, I’ll lose most of the job opportunities posted at elitmus? After all most of the jobs posted at eLitmus are In Bangalore.

Also very shortly I am moving to bangalore, but still I will won’t be considered for the future jobs in the companies I have already applied because they won’t let me edit my application so that I can update my current location?