Is Accenture's Associate IT Operations is for girls only?

If someone knows please tell does accenture shortlist only girls for Associate IT Operations post? How much time will they take to tell the shortlisting result for recruitment of 9th June?

No they select both boys and girls for every profile.

I think you’re mistaken, it is 9th June.

I have seen in previous Accenture posts that they were preferring girls majorly for it operations posts. I just want to be sure if any boys ever shortlisted for this role or not.

Yes, as far as I have observed, only female candidates get calls for this drive (IT Operations) via eLitmus.

How would I know whether to attend the event on 9th June or not ? Will I get a call from elitmus to attend the event ? Well, then I guess I won’t get a call cause it’s already 6th.

If you are shortlisted, you will get an email and an SMS notifying the same.

If you are shortlisted, eLitmus sends an email and an SMS to your registered contact details.