Iquanti interview

Today i went iquanti for interview (for support engg),first the ask to solve 4 coding qs(all are basic qs like check prime no,strimg is palindrome or not,find the bigest and 2nd bigest no in an array,fibonaci series).time limit was 30 min i dine thar within 20 min,and another guy done that in 15 min,i and that guy was expecting for next round suddenly onr mam came and told u r not selected u may leave now,and we got to know that those who are selected they didnot di all prog ,some of them fid 3 some of then 2…we asked what is the reason behind we are rejected ?she told we dont find our expected logica in ur prog.but we tell if u not tell a valid point we will not leave…then she told me wait for some min,
Then after some time onr person called us for conversation,he was asking hr qs in term of technical round though the hr round supposed to held tomorrow…
I dont even know wheather we are rejected or selected for next round…
Why thses companies are reqrutig likr this???

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It does happen.
In many coding test, they don’t want a completely working program, if the approach is right then they select even if you do 0/3.

they said that we are overqualified for this position if we get selected and there is no bond i think so after some time getting good job we will leave the job and I do coding perfectly using perfect logic bro

Bro can i get ur no?u r the guy who submitted the prog first?

But what is our fault bro?:joy::joy::joy:
Then they should mention in portal the guy who will not do the all code they will come​:joy::joy::joy:

What about the result of technical round??

What did they ask in technical round bro?

They ask questions from ur C.V. He asked me from Java and Data Structure. My interview was approx 40 to 45 min( only technical questions). Even he didn’t ask me from my project. They ask in some deep means I have to explain each & every term by writing on board.

Did anyone get offer letter from Iquanti bcoz u guys attend the drive 3months before.

All the best Ankit :wink:
Same with me they asked all technical questions and in deep. I have to give examples and draw diagrams and explain the properties. He even asked me a puzzle. 2-3 technical cross questions on Array, inheritance etc.

After interview , what they told u…@laxmidhar

Is anyone getting call from I Quanti for next round (27/02/18).

They told to wait for Monday or Tuesday they will inform results via email or else elitmus people will let you know.

They told they or else elitmus people will let us know about the result.

could you plz tell me whether u were asked to write program on paper or IDE