Intimation after hr interview on 6th July Delhi NCR

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Has anyone got any sort of mail after the hr interview ?

Where did this event took place? Can you please share the details as most of the guys didn’t received the event invitations.

This drive was held on 6th july at Amity University.You may get a call for this week event as they will continue the drive this week also

Are you from Amity University or was it just the venue site for this drive of Accenture?

No bro I’m not from Amity i came to the drive through elitmus

Ok. Good Luck for with the results anyway.
Can you share the interview details like technical and Hr?
If you are available, lets connect.

Did anyone received any mail from accenture after 6th July Drive held in NCR regarding result ??

The venue for this week remains at Amity University or is it changed for 13th JULY?

I got the mail after hr.regarding profile creation …

did you got the mail regarding profile creation On Same day (6th july)??

When did you got the mail?

You will just be asked about your project in technical round and in my hr round he was not interested in asking questions from me he didn’t even asked my name he just asked me about my project and said you can go

I was interviewed on 6 in Delhi…and received mail on 8 for profile creation

Bro i also have given the hr interview but not received any mail from Accenture

Bro, Did Hr took your Resume After interview

Yes they took my resume

Ok thanks

Have you got any mail from Accenture?