Interview results of pratishthan softwares


Can anybody tell if they have got any offer letter from pratishthan software’s after interview??


do any1 got selected to pratisthan???


I have got a call from pratishthan for 26th june drive. Could someone share the interview process?


Hello, Pranita can you please share the interview process or questions asked in written and face to face interviews. Thank u.


The whole interview took 1hour. They asked to describe ur project in detail and also to write the code if any. Then the asked everything u mentioned in ur resume in detail. If they’ll get to know that I have mentioned much about coding then they’ll ask u to write the code for some programs. They also asked some puzzles to few candidates. Just prepare ur resume in such a way that I know everything about it and ur project.


What about the written test?


Can you share any particular questions or programs that they asked you in the inteview.