Interview calls bangalore

I have completed my Elitmus test on 16th October i got my results on November 3rd , but still haven’t received any calls from any companies. I am currently in Bangalore and i have applied for all companies in Bangalore but i have received any information regarding any companies and my scores are
verbal (48.80) 56.28
Problem solving (48.80) 91.27
Quantitative (30.00) 80.51
Is that my scores are low that i didn’t get or it will late time?

Its not that your scores are low, but there should be companies event after your results. I got my result on 2nd oct and got call from Attra just few days back. So have patience and keep on applying.

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Would u mind telling ur score?


Ok .it’s quite good.

my percentile is in eng - 92%, quant - 80.20% , verbal - 22.70%
wot r my chances to getting calls??