Interview call for Plackal Tech

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Has anyone got an interview call for Plackal Tech to be held on 12th Nov?If so,please share.


not yet.


do we get shortlist first than receive the call or directly the call came? i m new here please help


Same here.I have not received a call or mail from any company yet.Eagerly waiting.


Hey guys, what’s the score required to get through?


No idea.I don’t think they disclose the exact score required.


Yes, First you need to apply for the job then they will shortlist you on the basis of your elitmus score, academics and on many factors. once you got shortlisted, you need to confirm whether you are going to attend or not. once you confirm then they will generate admit card and you need to attend that mandatory.


thanks vikash


Did u get a call from plackal?


No, I didn’t apply for it.


did anyone get call for interview ??


YES, i GOT. Do u have any idea about 30 mint test? plzz share if u having any paper


what is ua ph score prerana??


not yet