Interview call accenture

How many days before the actual interview date (22 July) of Accenture, can I expect the interview call letter. B’coz I have to make arrangements for ticket.
I applied on 9 July.

whats ur batch??


I guess the confirmation comes 3-4 days before the event date. Btw what is your total elitmus score?


will I got call from Accenture?? I am from 2017 batch any my total score is 130.
pls reply

Thx, but are you sure?
I mean u gave the interview or u heard it from someone?

I got the call for accenture

@h_damini_3032316 what is your score and percentile in each section

I scored 213 marks

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can u pls tell ur score and when u applied ?

Anyone else who managed to get a call letter for kolkata drive on 22nd july ??

no buddy,I just heard.

I Too got

Hi,Is dere any1 who got selected before for ase profile,is going for kolkata drive?

can anyone plz tel me,how many people get selected in such accenture drive and wht is the companys target,how many people they are targetting to recruit. specially women candidates

i also got the call

Hi…I also got the call letter for this drive
But I was wondering whether it is really a good profile?
And the thing that makes me wonder this is …I have to travel all the way from Delhi
Anyone plz help…

Is this drive worth attending?

I too got the interview call for kolkata (22 july)