Interveiw call for dataMetica

has anybody got interveiw call for datametica?

Yes.Today only , i got it.

Mee to…what is your present location?@gaurav

Bangalore bro

can i have your number?@gaurav_3298055

Ok bro.

Again I got “Not Shortlisted” :neutral_face:

whats your score?

what was your score?


My total is 178.
Verbal 93
PS 91
Quant 71
Percentiles have decreased by 1 or 2 since result date.

gaurav , r u planning to go to datametica?

could you please tell me what all rounds are mentioned for the interview?

Yes , actually 1st a coding test will be there and then interview rounds …

Really Strange. Considering someone with score 170 got short listed and not you, my total is 112 still my status doesn’t show as “not shortlisted”. Still showing applied!

Where are you from? I now think that selection is based on location and I was rejected due to the same (Kolkata was set in profile), or maybe my picture scared them. :rofl:

Anyways, I can’t do anything about this now.
Hope for the best in the near future.

I’m from Mumbai. And you’re right. I’m starting to think they might have some other criteria while short listing candidates. May be they also look at the colleges where we have studied or something like that. I’m really starting to lose hopes from elitmus now.
Anyways, lets hope for the best.

coding test? is it a take from home test by elitmus?

The event was today at the company’s office.
First written coding test.
I cleared this and was sent for technical interview. I was not selected for further rounds.

Can you please tell me
how many people came there for interview??

& How many of them got call for HR??