I am pursuing my in Computer Science and Engineering and being actively searching for an internship in software development companies. These platform has lot many graduates and currently working professionals in the industry who could help me to get an internship. Thanks in Advance. I currently do competitive programming on various sites and my assets are DS & Algo, C/C++.
If there are some suggestions , kindly do reply.

Hi Arpan,
In which year of your engineering are you in?
If you have taken the eLitmus test, what is your score?
There will be a lot of internship opportunities for 2019 pass-outs in November and December.

Is it necessary to give elitmus test for internships ?

Hi Shuchi,
Yes, it is necessary to take eLitmus test for internships too. Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of pH test score.

Currently I am in third year at NIT Hamirpur.
Is there any internship opportunities for coming December or from 11 May - 1 August.
Do I need to opt for some test for it?
I will complete my graduation by 2020.

Hi Arpan,
It is very good that you have thought about your placement. But It is too early for you to get something out of eLitmus now.

You can get internships via eLitmus when you will be in your final year. That will be around November - December 2019. Yes, you have to appear for the eLitmus test.
Till then, keep working on your technical skills and do competitive coding.