Innostax interview questions

I am sharing here innostax interview procedure for helping future aspirants. I attended the drive today.
They will ask 6 coding questions in 1st round which is pen and paper round.

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Thanks bro for sharing bdw can u tell me plz how can i change my profile pic here

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Go to your Preferences and then you can upload.

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Were you selected finally?

no yaar. i did not study html before interview.

They told me to leave after the second interview. Do you know what happened after that? Was there a third interview?

No bro. I was not able to answer correctly in 2nd round. Not selected for 3rd round.

what did they ask you in second interview??

MVP, API, HTML form tag, default button type, enums.

Yes, there was a third interview. Questions were asked based on candidate’s resume. I finally got selected.
And yes, You need to attempt these programs within half hour. So make sure, you complete atleast five of them to get shortlisted for further rounds.

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And do let me know if anybody else got selected.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey, congrats. So the third interview was also technical. There was no HR round?


whats your status now showing for innostax?

@shubham_3338788 status??

Bro! mine has changed to Attended. Its good that it is not Not Selected.