I have low ph score in second attempt than first attempt what to do

I have low ph score n second attempt than first attempt what to do

Could you tell me your scores?

Companies consider your best score. So if you performed bad in your second attempt, your first attempt will be considered.

Ok thank you!

In second attempt I hv scored more in problem solving and quant than first which will b considered

If you have scored more in Problem Solving and Quant in second attempt then your second attempt will be considered.
But you told you have low score in second attempt. How is that? I am confused.

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I hv scored very very very low score in verbal this time

How low? If it is 0 or negative then it will not be considered.
Could you share your scores? If not here, then send via message.

I have 93 quant 86 PS and 72 English… in first…

In seconds 93 English 83 PS and 69 quant…

Which scores will be considered ??

first one . quite obvious

My question is do companies see how many tests we have given? Or they see only one score.

Company will see all your scores . but no doubt they will/will not shortlist you on the basis of your best attempt .