I got verble:12, Prob. sol. : 80, Quant. : 91... is there any chance for gettin a call from any company?


Reply me fast…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

excuse me bro ,
completed my PHtest on aug 21 but my results are still in hold as i did’t submitted my originals at the time of PHtest . so, please guide me how to get my score card

dont worry it will publish in somedays …

it takes some time to generate pH score… all the best

on which date u gave the exam…

Companies don’t take into consideration the ph scores solely, but your other academic scores as well. Generally 80% is the threshold level, and you’ve got above that in two out of three.

I guess verbal score won’t create that problem if you succeed in convincing the recruiter with your communication skills.

Good luck.

These are my scores.I got better marks in first test when considering overall marks. But when i see percentiles,My second test marks in Quant and PS are good.Which score will be sent to the recruiters?

I think first one… Can u pls help me… What u attempt in problem solving to score? N apti also?

Do waste time on something you dont know… Go on solving questions you actually know and can solve them in less time… In the end come back to remaining questions.

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Thnx… In problem solving .Cryptarithmetic n DI can b solved or we should leave them?