I don't have original 10th and 12th certificates,can I submit my 1st year b.tech memo at exam center?

Hi,I’m final year student.my 10th and 12th original certificates are with the college.My elitmus exam is on 29th oct.I have my 1,2,3 year memos,will it be sufficient?

Request your college to let you take the original certificates. You can submit it again after the exam.

The original certificate is required for verification. If you are not able to verify documents, they will not release your score!

No printouts and xerox copies are allowed in the exam center!

10th,12th original marksheets and b.tech memos.Are they enough to submit?

Don’t forget original Govt. ID proof. :stuck_out_tongue:

sure.I won’t forget

Once I attend the exam and if I’m not satisfied with the results.can I attempt 2nd exam immediately?

Yes. There is no restriction in eLitmus.
You can take the exam at your convenience, any time and any number of times.

But I would suggest, if you do not score well, prepare well and take a re-test and not hurry.
Companies would like candidates with less number of attempts.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face: