I am not getting any call

my ph score is,
verbal - 90
problem solving - 45
quant- 70
i am not getting any call
what are my chances??

Are these score? or percentile?

If percentile then 45 in Problem Solving is low. It is the section which matter. I guess you have to take the test again and try to score 90 percentile in PS

45 is a score percentile 90

Then your scores are very good.
Which companies did you apply to?

Academic (X, XII & B. Tech) also matter. Different companies have different cutoffs like 60% throughout, 70% etc.

X - 81%
XII - 87%
B.E - 7.98 CGPA
M.Tech - 6.88 CGPA

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I am from ECE

applied for HARMAN, Cleartrip, Mubble, Aptean

Wait for some time. Well, there are some companies which call only Cs it students. Have patience.

You are an M. Tech. Maybe that is why you are not getting calls.
Eligibility does not mention M. Tech for the jobs you have applied to.

Are you a fresher? or do you have any experience?


You have to wait.
Only a handful of companies have requirement for M. Tech fresher.

You can do one thing. I was browsing Microsoft careers and I saw some job posts for M. Tech, Electronics students. You should go check that out and apply if its still available.

ok…Thank you!

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