I am in 7th sem , so should i take pH TEST now ? and if yes ,what is score i need to make career in MNC or high paying companies?

so guys helpme out

Yes,you should. And score 90+ percentile to get surety of call from all high paying MNCs( although 80+ percentile in each section will get you a decent job). And one more factor other than eLitmus score matters,and that is your 10th and 12th %, as companies consider that too.
If at this time you score good,then you don’t have to wait much for job.
Good Luck!!!

thank you for reply& helping me .
acc to my info total marks of pH test is 600. so how ,uch marks i should need to score for better calls. ??

Score 50 in each section that makes 150 in total, and your percentile will be then around 90. Please go through https://www.elitmus.com/profiles/more_about_ph_percentile and elitmushome.com for your doubts about marks, percentile and jobs.

Since you are in the 7th semester, I suggest you give the test during end of 8th semester.so that you can get maximum chances of getting selected by the companies