I am getting no calls from any company. Why is that?

Please review your profile to ensure all the data submitted by you is correct. For example, if you have finished your education in the year 2015 and have entered 2011 batch in your profile, the automated engines of eLitmus will never shortlist you.

In addition to your pH test score, companies might have various cut-off criteria (like educational background / academic performance etc).

Low percentile in one/two section(s) can also affect shortlisting. Most of the companies consider the type of questions solved by the candidate in order to get some particular traits/ gene types in the candidate (which is again dependent on the job requirement). If you tried to game the system by answering a particular kind of questions which eventually are not related - you may never get shortlisted by a company because the engine is not able to establish your gene type.

Again, pH score interpretation varies from company to company, and each company gives different weightage to different traits depending on the requirement of the job.

You may want to visit following link to understand how shortlisting works