I am 2015 passout,Do i still have a chance to get hired in CGI


Hi, I am 2015 pass out. I am working in production support It has been 4 months.I have interview call from CGI for software engineer profile.if I leave my current company I will not get experience letter.So if I apply as a fresher do I still have a chance for CGI.I really want to change my profile I can not work with rotational shifts as in production support.


You might want to understand the job profile in details. Some times, job titles are confusing. They don’t convey the exact expectation of the role.

Here, it appears that CGI job is pure engg while IBM might be managerial. But then again, it could be terminology difference.

Get the exact details of company’s expectation for you in the role and then make a decision.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for A2A.


Thank you for your advice but if job role is pure technical then should I go for it…?


IT Operations Role support to project teams on their systems if you are good at operations systems and Networking The HR if the project is Coding billed as IT or BPO project.


Can you tell me what they mean by "no year gap during engineering " , Is this the same as the no academic gap after 10th.


Academics year gap means gap between 10th 12th and graduation
this is very effective in now days because most of company could not allow more than No or 1 year gap…

if you have then you could not sit in any interview of campus …

but you can apply through then OFF CAMPUS OR WALK IN INTERVIEW…


am i eligible for CGI if i have 2 year gap after 12th…? i have 60% in 10th,87.5% in 12th. ,n 70%.in engg…(till 8th sem)