How to score 90+ in all sections in 1 week?

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I have exam scheduled on 26th August.
B.Tech - ME (61.38%)
12th - 92.8%
10th - 70.8%
Good resume and extra curricular activities.
Please help me with the preparation strategies and study materials.

Hi Raj,
Go for selective study. Prepare topics like Probability, P&C, Geometry, Number System, Data Sufficiency and Crypt-arithmetic. (just examples, pick topics you are comfortable with!)
Give more and equal time to Quants and PS, slightly lesser time for Verbal, keep Verbal as the last section.
Refer to websites like m4maths for questions shared by other test takers. You can take mock tests on testpot website.
The rest is up to your natural problem solving ability and speed.

However, I think you should not hurry up. If you are 2018 fresher, you should go for a good preparation, about a month or 45 days so that you can practice enough examples.
Jobs for 2018 will be there till Jan/Feb next year.
All the best!

Thanks a lot bro @wali_3319673.