How marks will get reflected with the second attempt?

In the first attempt I have scored 95 percentile in Problem solving and rest of the two I have nearly 50%. I want to know what will happen If I goes for a second attempt and scored better in rest of two and lesser in problem solving,

Hi Deepak,
You best score will be counted. If, in the second attempt, you score, say, 80 in all three, then this new score will be counted.
Try to keep all three around 85 to 90 percentile to get maximum calls.

Can you elaborate ?
1st attempt result: QA:46 , VA: 46 PS: 95
2nd attempt: QA:80 , VA :80 PS:70

then what will be the considering scores ?

The second attempt will be considered since it is better overall.

Thanks for the reply. Now I am clear with this.