How many we will decline the interview offers?is der a certain limit? can anyone please guided me abt this?

how many we will decline the interview offers??is it a certain limit?? can anyone please guided me abt this??

I have decline 10+ there is no limit on that but if you accept and don’t turn up there that will be an issue :slight_smile:

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Okay thank u so much dude :slight_smile:

and what if we neither accept nor decline?

Once I declined then when dat company is recruiting again then is it possible to apply again???

then it will be available in your interview tab untill its next drive,
basically it is visible to the company that you have not accepted the calls

they will call you one more time without applying

What if we accept and do not attend interview

thats create a very bad impression if you did the same more than 3 times you will be blacklisted by elitmus :slight_smile:

Is it OK if we don’t attend once

My account has been blacklisted … Are there any chances to retrieve my account??

Once is Ok , but twice is not ok :confused:

No chance

what have you done to blacklist from elitmus ?

They don’t mention any limits explicitly but try not to do it as much as possible. If you know u can’t attend the drive then don’t apply for it and others will get a chance.