How many of you waiting for score of 4-9-2016


when will get the test score of 4-9-2016 ? how many of you waiting still


I am…and from previous threads on adda I can see that results of tests on 21st and 28th of Aug have also not been declared. God knows when will 4th sept result will come.


Waiting …4th sep results


still 21st and 28th not released oh god when will our score will release


21st and 28th Aug ph test results is declared already… you may get in few days…


oh really thanks for the info


Anyone whoose score is withheld even after verifying documents ? 4th september


still 4th sepembeter scores not released so we cant say about with held @bhavya_2871693


for delhi region they are released i guess


sept 4 results released only for delhi centre students and august 21 and 28 results were out within a gap of 4 days.So we can exect result in this week


waiting for 4 sept result


Me too


i think with in couple of days we will get score


Still waiting for 4th September result… It’s been 18days nd they are still not displaying it


Still in process


I also not got the result which held on 4 sept


they are not giving results and last date for webyog is 23rd when will we apply for that its already 18th day


well sep 18th results out but not 4th i dono y we have to contact to elitmus office


i am waitnig for 4 sept result


Wen thy wil put Sept 4th results?
Even no more companies for Bangalore candidates