How long does it take for the result to be declared?

I’ve written the pH test on 16/6/19 but the scores sections shows “processing scores”. How long does it usually take for the result to be declare? Also, if i apply before receiving the result, do i have a chance of getting called?

It takes maximum 20 days, mine was released after 18 days

i gave it on 7th april and results got declared on i think around 17/18 april

i gave test on 2nd june and the result was declared on 5th june . It depends on the location .

your location was lucknow?@usama_iftikhar

My location was Delhi . My friends gave test at lucknow and they got result in 6-8 days .

Thanks everyone for the reply. I wrote the test in Bangalore, got the result in 2-3days.

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@sarfrazwork1 your score?