How I finally started thinking about saving!


Why I brushed any conversation or thought about saving under the carpet

Once I started work, everyone around said I should save. The reasons given were

  • Expenses after retirements

  • Tough times – medical expenses

Think about it - growing old and being bed ridden post an accident are not exciting or sexy thoughts. Add to that a plethora of options – stocks/ mutual funds, insurance, FDs to choose from with their associated taxes meant having to study more than I did in engineering.

My Eureka moment

Good two years into the job I was told “savings are the best way to get rich” - and bingo, I set on the journey.

Think about it - the idea of getting rich is motivational and needless to say I set on the journey and genesis of Investment channel on eLitmus Adda!! This section is to share the experiences along the way. It will be exciting to have fellow travelers along the way – do reach out to me through the message feature of Adda. Will love to hear all your experiences.

Here’s to all of us becoming rich!! Amen !!

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