How exactly we get interviews calls based on pH score?

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I’ve pH scores as 85, 65 and 6 percentiles in problem solving, quant and verbal, will I be able to get calls ??

please anyone help me on my question …

6 percentile? or you mean 60?

Scores are a bit low.

Candidates are called on the basis of companies’ criteria.
Some may want only 80+ in quant, some 90+. Some may want 90+ in all section.
It totally depends on the company.

Which batch are you?
Preparing and taking the test again would be a better option. Aim to score 90+ in all sections.

I understand why the verbal score is so low. I tried the same strategy as well. Fortunately, it worked out a little better for me. Just spent the last 2 minutes on verbal. I don’t see why you can’t get calls. But like @wali_3319673 said, some companies might have a sectional cutoff and that could hurt your chances. But imo, that’s unlikely for verbal. All the best!

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