How can i change my email address

  1. Login to your eLitmus account.
  2. At the top right corner, you will find a drop-down by clicking on your Name or Candidate Id (6 digit number).
  3. From that drop-down, Click on `Account Settings.
  4. Under Manage Email Address, you will find a button Add new email address.
  5. Click on the Add new email address button
  6. Enter your new email address.
  7. Click on add button adjacent to the email filed.
  8. After that, an activation email is sent to your newly entered email id.
  9. Activate your email address by clicking on the link mentioned in the activation email.
  10. Again Go to the Account Settings.
  11. Under Manage Email Addresses, you will find an option to change your Primary email address.
  12. Change your primary email address and click on save button

Note :-

  • You can always change your primary email address.
  • All account-related emails will be sent to your primary email ID.
  • You can’t delete any email address which you have added to your eLitmus account