Haven't got any interview calls


I have taken e-litmus on 4th September. My score is 97.50 in verbal, 97.50 in problem solving and 71.30 in quant with percentile 91.5, 99.56, 97.5 respectively. Until now, I have applied to 5 companies but I haven’t received any interview call yet.


See, getting a call depends on a lot of things not only your ph score(which is really impressive btw). i suggest you to wait for a call and try other companies too.


With your average percentile being around ~90, you should comfortably get calls from top notch companies.


What’s your grad aggregate , what’s your grad major ?


I have got a cgpa of 8.1 in computer engineering


Was this your first time ? How many attempts have you made ?


Yes, this was my first attempt


Must be something else then ! :frowning:


Boss superb score. How you were able to score such a high percentile in problem solving? Any suggestions for practice?


brench bro???


Computer Engineering


I have practised questions from RS Agarwal for both quant and reasoning


Good job brother. Really good score.