Has anyone got the interview call from CISCO...?

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anyone from 2017 batch got the call from CISCO…??

Not yet.

Not yet!

Not yet. still waitng

Not yet

yes. I got it yesterday(12-06-18).

Even I received it yesterday.

Is the event on 16th or 17th? In admit card it’s 16th but I received a mail stating “update on the Cisco interview on 17th”.

Anyone who applied after they got the update that the recruitment drive is for 2016/2017 only? Did you get the admit card for the recruitment yet? I applied on June 12 after I got the email. Still waiting.

Has anyone got the call for the interview drive of 17th June?

Still no. The last date to apply has also been changed to 23rd June. No clue when the actual recruitment is

Has anyone received today’s MCQ test result?

not yet

How was the difficulty level of MCQ Test. I could not attend today’s drive due to some reasons. But now I see I have got invite for tommorow.

any one got offer letter…i was sent home…:frowning:

What did they say when they send you home

not selected ,

but my interview went well, asked some pattern solved, then he told u are good in coding , why you r applying for this contract position

how was your interview??

The staff at elitmus said u can go home…u r not selected…but my interview went very well, he asked coding questions I answered, then he told u r good at coding , be there and asked me to leave