Has anyone been shortlisted for an interview by two companies on the same date?

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I got shortlsted for aptean and cleartrip on same day.:cry::cry:

I got shortlisted for both for today but got aptean rescheduled to tomorrow by calling e-litmus…
When are your drives scheduled?

both tomorrow.
What is the number you called @utkarsh_3378001

The numbers given in elitmus are getting no response

Same here, both have called me tomorrow. :confused:

I used the number they have on their website…
They picked up day before yesterday in the afternoon…

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I am actually going to elitmus center to see if they can help me out…


I called on this one…

well, I’ve already mailed they and they said they’ll reach me in 4 days…
I tried the number you provided and theydidnot pickup

I tried boh 94 and 92 but to no avail…

The thing is clleartrip mail came lateinthe evening yesterday so I think they were not present at that time…

Anyway thankyou for your assitance and all the best

Thanks and same to you

Okay. Please let me know if they are willing to reschedule any one.

Hi, I wentto elitmus center.
They tried rescheduling the cleartrip interview for today but cleartrip denied it saying there are enough candidates for them to interview today.

So elitmus team asked me to decline cleartip inteview by selecting date not suitable option and that we will get shortlisted again for the drive next week

Is it coming next week also?

The next drive can be at Delhi.

They assured me that there is one more drive…

Can you guys tell your pH score so that i can get the idea if i’ll be able to get calls or not

Your ph score?


Verbal: 99
Problem Solving 99.5
Apptitude: 40