Harman offer letter for 10th February 2019

Has anyone received offer letter for Harman drive held on 10th February?

Did you have your Managerial Round

I had 2 interviews: technical and HR. At the end of HR round I was told that my assessment was positive and that I would be contacted by Wednesday if I was selected.

okk i had three

Same here. They also told me that they will contact by Wednesday.

Did you receive the offer letter?

Not yet

Hee can you tell me what are the round for harman and what i expect in aptitude
Please rever back my drive is tomarow plase help me out guyzz

What i expect in aptitude round i.e topics in that

No apti only c++ questions

But they have mention two apti rounds
1st is basic and another they didnt mentioned

whether u got call from hr u have one more round.

Did anyone get any response from harman regarding 10th feb drive through elitmus?

not yet

Got the offer letter yesterday!

What was the position you applied for?

They called you or just sent offer letter.What is the date of joining?

Associate Engineer

Both. Date of joining is coming Monday

can you tell me some topics frim whr questions came