Harman Interview Results

Has anyone got a call for confirmation or HR Interview from Harman after the interviews on 31st and 1st ??

No…still waiting for hr interview call

How many rounds of interview have you given?

2 tech Interview

I was told that the HR would be calling me. I was told in technical round that I seem fit for the job.
I couldn’t wait any longer so I decided to go to Harman office and enquire about it. They told me today that “we’ll let you know if your profile matches with any positions” which indirectly means rejected.

Did they asked you to fill any resume form??


Same here bro , they told me the same , the hr told he’ll call me for the hr round but still now I didn’t get any

If you receive any call from hr give a reply here

I don’t think they’re going to call. I guess they’ve fulfilled their vacancies. Because the ppl who are selected have already got confirmation email.

CNt say like that , because if they are having no more posts for us then they will tell it to you
We’ve to wait for there response for some more days ,because some people in glass door said that HARMAN takes lot of time in selection

But neither have I filled any resume form nor have I received any call from HR
Thing is those who are done with HR have already got confirmation mails and their joining dates as this Monday.

Bhai did you tried to contact the hr
Probably he can help

I tried on LinkedIn but didn’t get any response till now

They do not respond

@daman_3174275 any updates?

Nothing…just waiting for their call…

Bhai anyone called elitmus , cuz they’re also not responding
Thing is if we’ve not cleared the interviews then they will tell it in your face , they’ll never say to wait for the call

I think viraj is right , we’re rejected

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We are. Time to move on. :v: