Harman International Interview Shortlisting

Has anybody from Kolkata or Delhi has received a shortlisting mail yet for the interview, after the in-person aptitude test on 22/04/2018?

We got the call here, in eLitmus, just like regular interview calls.

Kolkata or Delhi? And Date? How many of the aptitude questions did you solve to get a call?

@wali_3319673. Bro, what call are you talking about here? Interview or written test? Has the interview process after test on 22nd april already been conducted?

I was talking about the written test. I had replied to someone else’s comment which, I guess, is deleted.
It has been quite a long time. I thing the process has been over.

But i don’t think NCR result has come yet, since no one replied to this query. Not sure though.

I guess it’s not over yet. Status in jobs section is changed to attended .

did anyone got call for interview after 22 april aptitude test ?

I am talking about delhi location

Hey how to know about that I m shortlisted or not any body can help me please

Hi Shivani,
If you are shortlisted, you will get an SMS and an email regarding the details.

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My status has been changed from Attended to Not Selected, though I did pretty well on the test. I think they probably have closed the hiring drive.

I also did well in aptitute test but status changed to not selected. It is possible that they have closed the drive.


can you suggest some topics to clear test round.