HARMAN International (India) Pvt. Ltd/event/21/08/16

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Has somebody got any confirmation email/call/direct confirmation after HR Round that u have been selected and you will be offered a job?


Somebody please reply if u had HR Round as he said that today he will announce. Has somebody got some confirmation?


No. I didn’t get .


What did HR told you after the HR round or during HR Round? It was little unclear ? He told me that hope for a positive response tomorrow? What did he told you ?


he told me the same thing as he told you.


How many rounds did you have yesterday?? 2 or 3 (like pune)?
They told me to leave after the 2nd round. When i asked, they replied they would be having 2 rounds, unlike 3 at pune!!
What about you guys??


I had 2 round technicals and then HR.


I had 2 rounds of technical, 1 round managerial and 1 hr round.


You had 4 rounds??
Please post if you receive any confirmation from their side!!


No, they didn’t share any confirmation letter or anything. Yesterday the hr told that they will let me know today. That’s it.


hey u have given ur interview in bangalore na ?. and u have given 4 rounds ?? but in my case they just told me to leave after the 2nd round so it means i am not selected ?


Wait for some time, they will inform us. But in your case if they told you to leave without saying anything then may be u are not selected.


U have given ur interview in Bangalore ??. And for those who got selected there are 4 rounds ??


After managerial round they asked me to leave and they would inform me later. No conformation of any sort till now.


I got a call today for further processing of the offer.


Bro can u please tell me that whether u have been interviewed at Bangalore or Pune and if Bangalore then how many roundsu have been gone through ??. If u got some mail for further process. Please tell me further about it


Bangalore,I feel like number of rounds depends on your performance. Minimum 2 technical rounds will be there.


Okay thanks bro. I have been just told after tech 1 round that u can leave for the day. So that’s why I am asking and I got rejected I think so… By the way the mail u received. What is the further process of evaluation


Just personal basic documents.