Harman International 9th august

Anyone got a call from HARMAN INTL, for the second round?

what was asked in its first round?

First round was an MCQ quiz from C++, OOPS, DS and C. Then there was a technical interview round at Harman Intl. for the shortlisted candidates. In the Tech round problem solving skills were checked. They will ask few programming questions also (basics but obviously not something like palindrome and stuff) and you’ll have to answer them in the programming language of your choice. Make sure you know the basics of everything that you have written, in your resume.

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But my interview details is showing online coding test?

We never had an online coding round for harman. i gave for a different profile.
I think you will have that coding round on www.codelitmus.com. After that you’ll be called for an interview.

Thanks for replying.I have to give test for assosiate engineer SW

All the best, hope you get it.

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For which profile did u apply?

Hi Amit! Is there diff syllabus of mcq for electronics branch candidates? I have my technical test on Sunday. Plz help

Sorry for replying so late, no they have a common MCQ test which includes test on C,C++,DS and OOPS concepts.

I had it today ,but thanks anyway :blush:

Hi Shweta,

Can you give details of what was asked in Harman Online test.