Harman esults on hold


is there anyone who is kept at hold for harman after 1st round of interview on 14 October 2016:rage:


did you received any mail after the interview??


no i didnt


have u attended the drive


So, how did you know that you are on hold???




one mam there told me that i am on hold.


What happened with u


after the 1st round they said that our hr will contact you.


have u cleared written and called for interview


ok they called u


yes, i had cleared the written. if you think you are on hold you can contact them and ask about your result.


did they told u that u are on hold or not


Do you have any idea whether there were only 1 round for all or they completed this drive.


No, they just said our HR will contact you and nothing else


ya actually for some students they have taken till hr,some are kept on hold if the candidate they need are more they will call and some they didnt selected and told that hr will contact u




Did you received any mail or call from harman for further round of interview ???