Harman coding round

Do we have to go to center for coding test?
Will there be a fixed time?

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yeah timing may be scheduled but you can take the test from ur own system at ur place.

Hey friends ! If you are shortlisted for HARMAN. Can you please tell the academic details so that i can know the criteria for their shortlisting procedure?

Any of you know the Cutoff score for the coding round for Harman ?

Above 90 percentile in all sections.

70% in BE under VTU

I have 80+ in two section, 95+ in one section.


you are welcome…All the best for ur coding round (y)

All the best to u 2!

thanx but i m no more eligible to apply via in elitmus as i already have hv got a job via elitmus.

Do you know what kind of questions can be asked?
Btw, congrats for getting a job.

Which company?

it entirely depends on company nd i haven’t ever written harman test…so i have no idea but since package is good you can expect level to be tough

thanx …it’s piping rock



Kindly , any one previously attend the coding round of harman tech. , What kind of questions are given for coding round ?? Only JAVA /C is available or we can use python too coding. Share if any one have any idea.
Thank you.

sumit bro piping rock ka event tu 5 august ko hai.
my quant -88%
Can I expect call from piping rock?please tell

bro i don’t know bt i hope you will be called…mine was 93…44…97 …

Can we do Harman coding round from home or we need to go to the centre for it?