Harman - 21th August

Has any1 got the call from harman for bangalore drivee …???

Not yet

not yet

yes, i got a call for 21st

When did u get d cal ?? N what r ur scores ??

@aaftab_3187207 : I have got the call too. And my scores are 47.38, 92.20, 96.62 for verbal, problem solving, quatitative respectively.

These are scores or percentile …??

Yes, i got the call today

I’m not getting called by Harman , Percentiles are -
PS - 89,Verbal - 88, Logical - 76

i got too… its on 20th

It’s a bit confusing… it’s showing the drive is on 21 in Bangalore and again in event date and time it’s mentioned as 20th… any ideas?

Yes these are the percentiles

no still waiting

how much marks did u get?

can anyone please help with what questions are asked in objective technical round and interview rounds in harman international…

i got my percintiles are

Hi did you get the call from Harman?

Did you get the call?

No I didn’t get the call

ya man i’m shortlisted .
what abt u???