Had applied for jobs before taking pH test

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Around 6 months ago, I had applied for 4 jobs without taking pH test as I had no knowledge of it.

Now that I’ve taken the test recently and got a decent score, I’m not getting shortlisted for any company. Need help.

when did u take ur test and what was your score?

Feb 10th in Bangalore and my score is 147 with an overall percentile of 87.

Year of passing


When 2017 jobs will come then you can apply and surely you will get a call.
If you apply for 2019 jobs you won’t get a call to attend the interview process.

I had applied for a 2017 batch job in mountblue and I heard that mountblue shortlists students with less pH scores too. I didn’t get shortlisted for it so I thought there might be some problem.

@vikash407 Sir, I am 2018 passedout… I applied for Metric Stream 4 months ago… But I hadn’t written the test then. I wrote the elitmus test on Feb 10th. My score is 146 with 87 percentile. When I tried to apply, it shows “Already applied”. Will I be shortlisted? Please say ! MetricStream is hiring for 2017/2018 batch…

Same thing happened with me too. I had applied to many companies before taking pH test and now it’s showing as “Already applied” to some of them. I seriously have no idea what to do now.

Mail them for editing of application and told them genuine issue.