Guys In which companies can i apply as i am 2016 passout


Your scores are really good…I believe for any company you apply …you will surely get a call letter…now it is in your hand to convert that call letter .

There are many companies here over elitmus that are hiring 2016 batch students…apply asap…don,t wait much…because once august will arrive opportunities for upcoming batch …that is…2017 batch will increase so don’t delay just apply…and prepare for interviews now.

go to JOBS section and click ALL JOBS just quickly scan all the vacancy …there are around 3-4 opening for 2016 batch.

but please dont click randomly …only when you are interested …only then click
please read other threads as well…about the rules and regulation of applying and confirming a call…so please dont apply without seeing the event location…if u apply and accept the call and if u dont attend it will create a problem

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You seems quite late no doubt percentile is good …
But there would be all around 10-15 companies visit for 2016 batch frequently after that there would be one or two in a month
So work hard and â– â– â– â– â–  any of that company posted by @neha_3281231 :slight_smile: